SiliconeMate® Silicone Oil

SiliconeMate® Silicone Oil

10ml vial
Silicone oil is for sale outside the United States only.

  • SO-1000 – 1000 Centistoke, 10ml
  • SO-1300 – 1300 Centistoke, 10ml
  • SO-2000 – 2000 Centistoke, 10ml
  • SO-5000 – 5000 Centistoke, 10ml




10ml Sterile Syringe for AMO Machine
SO-1000-SAMO 1000 Centistokes
SO-1300-SAMO 1300 Centistokes
SO-2000-SAMO 2000 Centistokes
SO-5000-SAMO 5000 Centistokes
10ml Sterile Syringe for Millenium Machine
SO-1000-SM 1000 censtistokes
SO-1300-SM 1300 censtistokes
SO-2000-SM 2000 censtistokes
SO-5000-SM 5000 censtistokes
10ml Sterile Syringe for Alcon Accrus Machine
SO-1000-SA 1000 centistokes
SO-1300-SA 1300 centistokes
SO-2000-SA 2000 centistokes
SO-5000-SA 5000 centistokes
Adapters also avaliable for the Optikon Machine

Additional information

Type of Siliconmate

Vials(10 ml), Syringes (10 ml)


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