Exclusive special sized Trephines

Exclusive special sized Trephines

2.50 – 5.50mm 10.00 – 16.00 mm, 18.00 mm for Eye Banks

68525-L 2.50mm 68975-L 10.00mm 68998-L 13.50mm
68530-L 3.00mm 68980-L 10.50mm 69000-L 14.00mm
68535-L 3.50mm 68985-L 11.00mm 69002-L 14.50mm
68540-L 4.00mm 68987-L 11.50mm 69005-L 15.00mm
68545-L 4.50mm 68992-L 12.00mm 69007-L 15.50mm
68550-L 5.00mm 68994-L 12.50mm 69010-L 16.00mm
68555-L 5.50mm 68996-L 13.00mm 69030-L 18.00mm with special knurled
handle for Eye Banks



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