Our Latest Line of Products for The Total Eye!
VMate® Vitreous Cutting System NEW!
A sophisticated surgical tool designed for Ophthalmic Surgeons.
Designed and manufactured to be reliable, safe and easy to operate.
Diaphragm Pump and Up to 2,500 cuts per minute with the guillotine cutting design.

GasMate® C3F8 - C2F6 - SF6 NEW!

C3F8 [Perfluoropropane] - C2F6 [Hexafluorethane]- SF6 [Sulfur Hexafluoride]
These high quality gas tamponades may be purchased 99.9% Pure or Pre-Mixed with dry nitrogen
Our high quality gas come in a sterile 50 ml packaging in the Ready to Use GasMate Kits

SiliconeMate® Silicone Oil

SiliconeMate used for intraocular tamponade in severe cases of retinal detachment
1 ml contains highly pure silicone oil of 1000 / 5000 centistokes
Carefully designed for prolonged tamponade of the retina

DecalineMate® Perfluorodecaline

DecalineMate is injected above the optical disk after partial or complete vitrectomy.
Perfect for treatment of retinal detachments, giant tears, ocular trauma, laser coagulation and cryotherapy,
lifting of subluxated lenses, and as a short term tramponade
DecalineMate is chemically and physiologically inert and absolutely untoxic.

IrisMate® Iris Retractors NEW!

Each Sterilization Case contains 6 Semi-disposable Iris Retractors
Flexible nylon hook retracts iris with minimal damage to the tissue
Specially designed silicone cinch provides superior grip

Trephine Blades

All of our Trephine Blades are heat-treated U. S. Stainless 440-C Steel
The Rockwell Hardness of 48-52 make it the Sharpest Cutting Edge in Ophthalmology
Our trephine blades are FDA exempt and CE Approved.

Disposable Infusion Cannula for fluid/gas Best Seller!

Sterile - 20 gauge w/ Luer lock adapter
Uses 260mm of Silastic® tubing - Length 270mm (10.6 inches)
Our Most Requested - Best Selling Item

Metal Infusion Cannula for high viscosity (silicone oil)

Designed for easy injection of high viscosity substances (such as Silicon Oil)
A unique tri-layered tubing that allows the oil to slide through easily
Sterile and disposable - can also be used as a standard infusion cannula

Phacojack® Phaco System

Phacoemulsification at an affordable price! Includes one Handpiece
A sophisticated surgical tool designed for Ophthalmic Surgeons.
Designed and manufactured to be reliable, safe and easy to operate.

A few of our other great selling products include:

      (Keratomate - "Lasermate®")

Phacojack® Phaco System
Phaco Handpieces
Phaco Handpiece Repair
Blades for Chiron® Microkeratome
Blades for SCMD®Microkeratome
Bi-Manual I/A Handpiece System
Disposable Infusion Cannula
Trephine Blades
Scleral Plugs and Tablets
Retinal Probes and Cannulas
Metal Infusion Cannula
Polly's Vitreous Cutters
Polly's Vitreous Microscissors
Disposable Vitreous Cutters
Bipolar Equipment
Phaco Needles
Silicone Oil
Iris Retractors
Ophthalmic Drapes
Silicone Tubing
Reusable Tubing
Intraocular Lenses
C3F8 Perfluoropropane
SF6 Sulfur Hexafluoride