Howard Instruments

Intraocular Lenses

Intraocular Lenses are for EXPORT out of the U.S. ONLY.

This is NOT FDA approved at this time.

Howard Instruments, Inc. is committed to reducing world blindness by providing precision quality, single piece, intraocular lens below market prices. Our unique computerized manufacturing process incorporates the most dramatic technological advances in its field. All of our lenses are manufactured with Perspex CQUV, the original and most widely accepted implantable PMMA. Plus, our lenses contain an additional UV absorbing component which provides a full range of UV protection. This feature approximates the UV absorbing characteristics of the natural crystalline lens. Also, our uniquely smooth, one-piece construction minimizes the risks of cell accumulation at the optic-haptic junction. All of our lenses are produced with 1:1 Anterior-to-Posterior Curvature Ratio. This "Equiconvex" design permits the thinnest possible lenses, which will provide outstanding optical imaging with less spherical aberration than conventional IOL's. With the added benefit of no detectable shift in the optical plane to haptic force vector relationship, providing consistent power predictability throughout the dioptric range. The haptics on our whole range of lenses are step-vaulted, which is now becoming an industry standard. With this design technique, the haptic is initially angled upward then flattened. This step-vaulting of haptics facilitates "in-the-bag" implantation and holds the IOL gently against the posterior capsule. Stability "in the bag" is assured by the stresses being distributed evenly along the flat portion of the haptic. Posterior chamber LENSES are available in Modified C configuration with optic diameters of 5.25mm, 5.5mm, 6.0mm, and 6.5mm. Anterior chamber lenses with a 6.0mm optic diameter are available in 12.0mm, 12.5mm and 13.0mm overall lengths. All lenses are available in powers from +10.0D to +30.0D, with 0.5D powers available from +17.0 to +24.0D. Diopter powers outside this range may be requested on a "special order" basis.
Model Number "A" Constant A/C Depth Optic Diameter Over All Length Vault Depth # of Holes Equivel Angle
LS-101 118.1A 5.02mm 5.25mm 12.0mm 0.265mm 0 4.43
LS-102 118.1A 5.02mm 5.50mm 12.5mm 0.286mm 0 4.012
LS-103 118.1A 5.02mm 5.50mm 13.0mm 0.250mm 0 4.287
LS-104 118.0A 4.96mm 5.00mm 12.0mm 0.400mm 0 3.13
LS-106 118.4A 5.20mm 6.00mm 13.0mm 0.500mm 0 5.096
(Fuller C Design)
LS-107 118.4A 5.20mm 6.00mm 13.0mm 0.500mm 0 5.096
(Modified C Design)
LS-108 118.4A 5.20mm 6.50mm 13.0mm 0.500mm 0 5.096
LS-101 118.2A 5.09mm 6.50mm 13.0mm 0.500mm 2 4.731
LS-111 118.4A 5.20mm 6.50mm 13.5mm 0.500mm 0 6.47
LS-112 118.4A 5.20mm 6.50mm 13.5mm 0.500mm 2 6.47
LS-116 118.1A 5.02mm 7.00mm 13.5mm 0.500mm 0 4.389
LS-500 115.3A 3.30mm 6.00mm 13.0mm 0.500mm 0 6.78
LS-501 115.3A 3.30mm 6.00mm 12.5mm 0.500mm 0 6.78
LS-502 115.3A 3.30mm 6.00mm 12.0mm 0.500mm 0 6.78
All of the above model numbers are equiconvex.
* The "A" constants listed on this product sheet are estimated and not based on clinical data. These values should be considered guidelines only. Surgeons should develop their own values based on individual experiences, equipment, techniques, and postoperative results.