Phaco Handpiece Repair (free estimates given)

We repair or completely refurbish Phaco handpieces from all the leading Phaco machines.
Send us the handpiece, and we will quote you a price for the repair.
The repair will then be covered by a limited warranty for 6 months!

ALCON®-STTM® Series Ten Thousand® Hydrosonic® Fragmatome®        
ALCON®-LEGACY® MacKool® Legacy® w/ holster Legacy® Hydrosonic® Fragmatome®    
ALCON® 9000 Series®              
AMO® Phaco Plus® Phaco IV Plus® Profinesse® Proficente®      
STORZ® Premier® Daisy® Fragmatome® Microseal® Protege®    
Chiron ®              
Other DORC® Mentor® Mentor® (ZVX) MST® Optikon®    Ruck®    Universal®

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